CURIOUS about WTF Rakhee is up to next? Rakhee is currently developing:

  • A single-camera serialized comedic web-series about Roopi and Tatée, best friends at pivotal moments in their lives. In their quests to be authentic, the women struggle while navigating dating in the app world, murkiness around consent, “wokeness,” and what it means to be a “good” feminist.

  • Non-fiction web-shorts called where host, Rakhee, shares her unique (and often misguided) take on anything and everything sports-related.

  • A short about Alisha and Radhika, cousins who inadvertently confront a hierarchy of racism within the South Asian community while driving to a wedding.

  • A feature - it's a secret and she's not ready to talk about it yet, ok!?

For more information - visit Contact to get in touch (or to e-transfer her $).