Feminist Debaters at the Rivoli! by Rakhee Morzaria

I debated between Quantico's Priyanka Chopra OR The Goodwife's Archie Panjabi for POTUS...Both shows were cancelled and either way I'd get to see one of my South Asian QUEENZ back on that screen 💃 xoxox
pix by Neil Silcox

GLOBEHEAD!! by Rakhee Morzaria

Scott and I had so much fun playing at Globehead last week! We didn’t win BUT were very close (so that counts right??) ANYWAYS, I think me and Scott are gonna keep doing more improv together ‘cause it was such a ball! Will post shows to my facebook!


Booked a fun gig! by Rakhee Morzaria

Like…don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it? I had to sign an NDA which i think means I’m more important than you? Ugh showbiz, anyways here’s a candid shot of me before I was called to set.


FEM Script Lab! New STUFF HAPPENIN'! by Rakhee Morzaria

Last Tuesday, Daphney Joseph and I participated in FEM Script Lab. Our script was read by some fab actor/actresses and we received very useful feedback from an industry gangster (mentor).

We've been working hard on this web series and are so grateful for the opportunity. Oh yeah and guess what? People liked it - THEY REALLY LIKED IT! 🤑

Short Story Time This Time! by Rakhee Morzaria

I am whatever you say I am, if I wasn't then why would I say I am? I dono just fuck off I’m trying new stuff.

I decided to take a small pause from performing sketch-joke-things and read a short story 'cause who gives a flying toot, I'm constantly evolving! Gtg I’ve evolved into a butterfly now, bye! 


Sunday Night Live!! by Rakhee Morzaria

Love doing this show - the Sketchersons RULE. THANKS FOR HAVING MEEEE

Five new NOTE TO SELF videos coming out June 11th! by Rakhee Morzaria

We had a lovely little viewing party for Note to Self Round 2 and I'm pleased to announce that the new videos are coming out beginning JUNE 11th! There are five videos total and a new one will be released every two weeks.

I hope you enjoy!

Here are some pix:

WIFT-T 2018 Showcase! by Rakhee Morzaria

So pleased to tell you that Say My Name has been selected as 1 of 7 films screening at the WIFT 2018 Showcase!

Grab your tickets and get more information here.

1 comedic web series episode, 2 short documentaries, and 4 short narrative films. All female-driven and female-led. We're excited to announce the seven projects selected for the 9th Annual WIFT-T Showcase. We hope to see you on April 17th at TIFF Bell Lightbox as we celebrate the creativity, diversity, and talent of our members.