Round 2 of Note to Self...

Episode 1 - In the Kitchen

Rakhee reluctantly attempts to help her aunts clean the kitchen after a dinner party.


Episode 2 - you look great!

Rakhee runs into an old colleague and drills her on how she lost so much weight.


Episode 3 - Denim rules

Rakhee spills a smoothie all over her new raw denim jeans after she was given explicit instructions not to wash them for 6 months.


Episode 4 - Vampire chic

Rakhee's unique look is jeopardized when her friends Preeti and Nelu show up.


Epiosode 5 - Made in T.o.

Rakhee decides to make a purchase after entering a boutique store and becoming friendly with the owner.


WATCH round 1 of Note to self...

Episode 1 - It's my choice!

A man tells Rakhee to pull down her skirt and she goes on a feminist rant.


episode 2 - cars vs cyclists

Rakhee confronts a driver that “wronged” her on the road.


episode 3 - feminist statement

Rakhee coins the term “feminist statement” to justify her body hair.


episode 4 - say my name

A pizza shop employee spells Rakhee's name wrong... on purpose?


Episode 5 - independence

Rakhee and her roommate decide to be more independent...together.


episode 6 - human pillars

Rakhee takes a not-so-leisurely walk outdoors.


Episode 7 - Stephen Colbert

Rakhee challenges her boyfriend on the state of their relationship after watching a viral video where Stephen Colbert explains how he met his wife.


episode 8 - coffee shop

Armed with her coffee and laptop, Rakhee is ready to start her day... only to discover there's no wifi.